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Join us in creating
a stronger Nicaragua
by creating empowered communities.

Created by Grupo Mariana S.A., Fundación Grupo Mariana's mission is to create a sustainable model of economic and social development for communities on Nicaragua's Pacific Coast through reinvestment in infrastructure, business support, training and the creation of job opportunities.

We believe that reinvesting in the fundamental needs of our surrounding community empowers people individually and therefore creates sustained economic and social success for the country as a whole. That's why we have created the 5% for Futures Fund at Fundación Grupo Mariana. With these funds, we will reinvest in the improvement of roads and infrastructure, the creation of social housing, and improving the hospital and school in the village of Masachapa Nicaragua. All of these improvements mean jobs. Jobs mean increased spending.

Increased spending means a stronger, more vibrant Nicaragua.

Join us… Lets work together to make Nicaragua strong.

We are in the process of growing our programming and will be launching our new we site very soon. Until then, please contact us at:


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